Convert you current WordPress system to OptimizePress 2.0 in minutes

Save time when you move your want to make all of your pages run OptimizePress 2.0. So you can create stunning looking membership pages and use the new converting blog design.

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Move to use the new OptimizePress 2.0 on your existing pages

OptimizePress 2.0 uses a new setup of pages. So you cannot reuse your existing pages. With the OptimizePress Migration tool it is easy to convert existing pages to use OptimizePress 2.0. That will allow you to create stunning looking webpages based on your existing content.

Just create a template for the pages you want to convert and then convert the pages. This is especially good for membership pages, that have the same content format.


Get my 27$ tutorial on how to migrate pages to OptimizePress 2.0 from current WordPress installation. If you as me are using WordPress as a major part of your business, you want as little downtime as possible. This guide will help you achieve this.

The optimizeplugin is nolonger being sold, but all the features and more is in the Appmembersite plugin.

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